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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking that is based on its reputation and users experience on that particular website. The ranking score is given between 1-100. You can measure how a website will be successful in search engine results. It is created by software company named ‘MOZ’. Domain authority score will directly not affect your SEO score. But website will high DA will have higher chance to rank higher in search engine. Website with less DA will have to work hard and fight to rank higher than a website with high DA.

What is Domain Authority Checker?

The Domain Authority Checker is a tool that will calculate any domain’s authority. This will show you the result within seconds. This tool will help you to know that how properly a website will rank in search engines. You must use this to check DA of your website regularly and your competitors too. If your competitor is ranking higher on same keyword. The reason is DA score if your competitor’s website has higher DA then it will rank higher than yours. So, you can check your all competitor’s website’s DA and you can target a website which has low DA score.

How To increase Your Website’s Domain Authority?

the best way to improve your website’s Domain Authority is to improving overall SEO score of websites by working on off-page SEO and on-page SEO. There are few methods to improve DA of your website:

1. You must build relevant links to your website.

2. You have to delete bad internal and external links.

3. Link your website to social platforms.

4. Made payments on time for your domain.

5. Work on overall SEO score of your website.