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About Google Cache Checker

What is Google Cache?

When a google bot receives some raw HTML from your server it snapshots it and that is called google cache. Then the browser will store this HTML which is captures by google. The main purpose of google cache is to store the data of webpage because the internet changes constantly. If the webpage is deleted of get hacked by someone then a web developer can access the information of that webpage through google cache.

What does Google Cache Checker do?

This Google Cache Checker will check the Google page cache of webpages of a website. This will also help you to check if webpages of your website are indexed in google search engine or not. If your pages are indexed in search engine then only, they will be made visible in google search results. This free tool will help you to known if google cached pages of your website. This tool is very simple to use just enter the URL of your webpage in the box and press submit button. You will your result within seconds and it will help you to analyze your website’s performance. This toll will allow you URL in bulk at same time.

 What is requirement of Google Cache Checker?

This tool is very important for website owners as will let them know that which of their webpages are cached by google. As it will store web pages temporarily so that you can use them in future if required. The documents in cache may be in form of images or HTML code. If you are a website owner you must use this tool as it will help you to know about your website data and links that are cached by google. You can also check which pages of your website are indexed in google because the URL which are indexed in search engines are also called cache.