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About Webpage Screen Resolution Testing Tool

What is Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator?

Screen resolution plays very important role to give a quality look to a website. It your website has good resolution then it will run properly in all mobiles, tablets and desktop. It will Improve SEO score and helps website to rank higher in search engines. This screen resolution simulator will help you to check your webpage to adjust in all formats. Our is highly used by webmasters and SEO experts. You can also adjust resolution of your page manually but its time consumable that’s why this free tool is highly recommended for webmasters.

How to use Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator?

With this tool you can easily check look of your website’s page in different resolutions. Just copy and paste the URL of your website and choose the resolution you want to view webpage of your website.

Our tool provides the following resolutions:

1. 160x160 Pixels

2. 320x320 Pixels

3. 640x480 Pixels

4. 800x600 Pixels

5. 1024x768 Pixels

6. 1366x768 Pixels

7. 1152x864 Pixels

8. 1600x1200 Pixels